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  1. "Wave shaper" 2020

    SOFT gallery

    Photo by Henrik Waarum

  2. "Untitled" ( Blue)  2019 

    Permanent installation at Vest Lofoten High school 

    Photo by Henrik Waarum

  3. Future Delay - RD2-5DXA-4DXF

    Helsinki Contemporary 2019

    Photo 1&2 by Jussi Tiainen

  4. Modes to moods

    Atelier Nord Anx 2019

    Photo 1-5 by Julie Hrncirova

    Photo of performance by Joakim Blattman

    Dancers: Oda Bjørholm, Sebastian Biong and Runa Sætervold

    Performers: PowPow

  5. Sinus

    Gallery Seilduken 2017

    Photo by Vegard Kleven

  6. Sinus x De Leòn Company

    Performance for CHART and Design Museum Denmark 2018

    Photo by Christian Hoyer

    Dancers in picture Fredrik Levin, Stina Strange Thue Tobiasen and Jens Schyth Brøndum

  7. Excerpt from DX7

    permanent textile sound installation for the Norwegian Consulate General in New York 2019

    Photo by Henrik Waarum

  8. Excerpt from " A "

    Charlottenborg Kunsthall Copenhagen 2018

    Photo 1 by Gallery Golsa

  9. Sample & Hold

    Lillesand art association 2017

    Performance at Ibsen House in Skien with dancers Oda Bjørholm, Sebastian Biong and Runa Sæthervold 2018

    Photo by Henrik Waarum

    Photo of performance by Ole Morten Eyra

  10. Ductile Translations

    Arteriet 2018

    Photo by Henrik Waarum

  11. 0:14, 0:17, 6:27

    Gallery Seilduken 2015

  12. Untitled 2016

  13. Noiseannoys

    Westergasfabriek Amsterdam 2015